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The National is located in the proposed National Design District – a developing live/work village northeast of Downtown Indianapolis. The National Design District will re-program a 46 acre industrial area creating an urban village in the midst of this historic urban neighborhood. This planned District will cater to creative industries focused on advanced design, art, architecture, engineering, and product development. The former National Automobile Motor Factory (founded in 1904) serves as a significant physical anchor for the District.

National, along with The Project School, a K-8 charter school, serve as the first two initiatives. Future initiatives in the National Design District will provide residential and recreational offerings that will enhance the overall quality of life for the neighborhood. This “community infrastructure” will include active park space, walk-bike trails, and community learning and meeting centers. These and other features will be designed and created through the participation and input of those living and working in the neighborhood.

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The adaptive re-use of factory space will involve re-programming over 260,000 square feet of loft industrial space into a mixed-use project that includes product design and fabrication firms (i.e. art pieces, furniture, home and office accessories) and commercial businesses. Initial interest has been for fabrication and assembly space for design and skilled crafts oriented products.

In August of 2008, The Project School (K-8), became the Factory’s first occupant, opening one of the five buildings in the National Design Factory. While a majority of students come from the surrounding neighborhoods, the school’s unique philosophy, faculty, and facility has attracted students from throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding counties.

When complete, the National Design Factory will be a community of advanced design businesses clustered around green spaces, meeting centers, learning facilities, and a revitalizing neighborhood.


Martindale on the Monon is one of Downtown Indianapolis’ neighborhood revitalization initiatives. Modeled after the success of nearby Fall Creek Place, this “new urbanist” community promises to become a great residential destination. 40 homes have been built to date ranging in price from $150,000-300,000; and when complete this dynamic development will have more than 200 new homes will blend modern designs within a traditional historic neighborhood to create a unique and inviting atmosphere where everyone can feel at home.

Martindale on the Monon represents the revival of the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood, located in the northeast quadrant of Downtown Indianapolis. Anchored with scenic parks and traditional urban homes, Martindale on the Monon is the perfect place for families and singles alike to enjoy classic downtown living. With landmark churches and educational venues nearby, Martindale on the Monon has traditionally been a community of strong families and close neighbors. This tradition continues and will be greatly enhanced with new residents, businesses and retail services.

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